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Game developed by firegold (@silvefire21#1685 on Discord) in conjunction with @flopshotqq#6460, @Sprouts#5238, and @lagvidilo#1967 (Discord handles) for the Gooseberry Jam. You Are The Villain theme, velociraptor as the main character.

This game is unfinished, but the idea we were going for is below. Jurassic Park meets Carmageddon.

You are a velociraptor who escaped your pen in a Jurassic Park-like setting. Now you need to cause as much destruction as you can--but be careful! The military is trying to capture, or failing that, kill you. Avoid them or take them down. Destroy all the items you can and rack up as high a score as possible.

You might even encounter other dinosaurs to do combat with.

  • Velociraptor asset from VapTor via Sketchfab.com: Velociraptor [Very Low Poly]
  • Military enemy character from CombatCharacterPack available free on Unity Asset Store
  • Walking w/gun animation on enemy character from Mixamo.com
  • Gun from Sci Fi Gun Heavy, free on Unity Asset Store
  • Scripts from built-in resources, official Unity 3D tutorials or myself (firegold)
  • Grass texture from hhh316 on DeviantArt.com

NB: I originally left out the data folder; I zipped it up with the original .exe and reuploaded. If you wish to try it out, please download the .zip.


VelociraptorRevenge.zip 35 MB


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"Failed to load mono", when I try to open it. May be is me, I don't know.

Ugh. No one's going to be able to play it if I don't have everything, lol. Just added that to the .zip as well. Next time I'll make sure to compile it to its own folder instead of just on the Desktop, so I don't overlook including stuff in the .zip. Thank you again for letting me know!

Yep, now works ! I think I killed the guard, not sure how, I pressed every button looking for the attack one. Congrats :D

Left mouse button. ;-) "Traditional" FPS controls